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Tom Houston

Proven Experience

Tom HoustonDr. Tom Houston has over forty-two years of experience in analysis, design, construction, and evaluation of heavy civil engineering projects; including critical nuclear related structures and systems. His specialties include linear and non-linear stress analysis, geotechnical engineering and soil dynamics, as well as structural dynamics (wind, missile impact, blast effects) and stability. Dr. Houston has extensive experience in the analysis and design of concrete and steel structures, suspended systems, and equipment qualification. His experience includes development of seismic design criteria and procedures for systems, structures and components. He has extensive experience managing technical projects. He has worked with and is familiar with the DNFSB, NRC and DOE programs, regulations and requirements.

Dr. Houston holds B.S., M.S. and Ph.D degrees in structural engineering. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania, New York, South Carolina, and New Mexico.

Sustainable Results

Dr. Houston has performed numerous seismic analyses and designs of nuclear power plants. He has also performed analyses and design of structures for design basis and beyond design basis levels of ground motion for critical nuclear facilities at the DOE complex sites. Dr. Houston has had significant involvement in the analyses, design and evaluation of nuclear power plant structures, including heavy steel and concrete structures, at the Byron/Braidwood, Nine Mile Point Unit 2, Comanche Peak, North Anna, Browns Ferry, and Marble Hill nuclear power plant sites. He has led seismic, soil-structure-interaction analyses projects for the design and/or evaluation of multiple large critical facilities at the Savannah River Site, Idaho National Laboratory, Y-12, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Nevada Test Site, Hanford, and Pantex sites. In addition, Dr. Houston has successfully completed projects tasked with developing fragility estimates for both structural and soil failure modes at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant, and Sequoyah Nuclear Plant.