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Rick Jansons

Proven Experience

Rick Jansons

Rick Jansons

iconMr. Jansons has over 30 years of experience in the nuclear industry with a focus on nuclear and radiological operations and emergency management. Throughout Mr. Jansons’ career, he specialized in improving substandard Radiological Control and Emergency Management Programs.

At the Department of Energy’s Richland Office and Office of River Protection, he performed contractor oversight for Hanford Tank Operations, the Waste Treatment Plant construction, and Analytical Technical Services for the 222-S Laboratory. In this capacity, he conducted assessments and surveillances of the contractors’ Radiological, Emergency Management, Industrial Hygiene, Operations and Training programs.

He also served as Manager of the Radiological Control for the Hanford Plutonium Finishing Plan (PFP) and as the Radiological Control Training Manager, directly supervising several technical instructors in implementation of the Systematic Approach to Training.  In the Navy, he was a Nuclear Quality Assurance Inspector and an Engineering Laboratory Technician/Mechanical Operator.

Mr. Jansons holds an Emergency Management Certificate from Western Washington University and is certified in the National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists. He is also NQA-1 Lead Auditor Certified and U.S. DOE Instructor qualified. Mr. Jansons is a graduate of the Naval Nuclear Power School and the Engineering Laboratory Technician School, U.S. Navy.

Sustainable Results

iconMr. Jansons has performed numerous readiness reviews, Integrated Safety Management Systems Phase I and II implementation reviews, and conducted surveillances to close contractor NTS reports. He has also conducted oversight and readiness reviews of the Plutonium Finishing Plant, TRU Retrieval Operations, B/C Crib Remediation, and K East Basin Decontamination and Demolition projects under contract with US Department of Energy, Richland Operations Office.

He lead audit teams to conduct Emergency Management, Radiological Control, Plant Operations, and Training assessments of Hanford facilities in support of the Office of Independent Assessment and served as the Radiological Protection Technical Advisor in the Department of Energy Emergency Operations Center and as the Emergency Preparedness and Radiological Control Mentor for the Spent Nuclear Fuel Project.

As the Radiological Control Manager at the Plutonium Finishing Plant, he provided leadership for the PFP Radiological Control Organization, emphasizing customer support with a broad range of radiological control services to PFP Operations, Maintenance, Laboratories and Construction Forces. These services included radiological engineering and radiological work planning, field support including First Line Radiological Control Supervisors and technicians, safety program operation, radiological emergency response, procedure development and implementation, and management of the Radiological Control Training Organization. Additionally, during this period, he served as the Radiological Control Training Manager, directly supervising several technical instructors in implementation of the Systematic Approach to Training.