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David Brown

Proven Experience

David BrownDave Brown has more than 40 years of nuclear industry experience, demonstrating both technical and leadership abilities. His experience includes 15 years of reactor plant testing experience for the U.S. Navy, chairmanship of several Type B accident investigations, operational readiness reviews, and employee concern investigations for the U.S. Department of Energy, as well as a role in preparing directives for the DOE. Mr. Brown is a member of the Subcommittee on Computer Software Quality of the ASME Standards Committee on Nuclear Quality Assurance (the NQA-1 standard committee).

Sustainable Results

As a shipyard Reactor Plant Chief Test Engineer, Mr. Brown successfully organized and safely managed the conduct of operations and test programs for submarine overhauls. After coming to the Hanford Site, he led audits, investigations and other activities that consistently produced results management found valuable. This included chairmanship of the Type B accident investigation of Hanford Tank Farms vapors that attracted congressional and national media attention and was praised by stakeholder organizations. Also praised by stakeholder organizations was the investigation he led of the uncontrolled release of tritium gas at the Hanford Site. As an expert on computer software quality, Mr. Brown has led assessments and helped troubleshoot software issues at several DOE sites. He recently reorganized the engineering configuration management processes for a DOE contractor, including training more than 200 personnel on the new processes and assessing effectiveness of implementation.n.