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Rich Holten

Proven Experience

Rich HoltenRich Holten has over forty years of nuclear and environmental clean-up experience in various leadership positions. He is a results oriented leader that keeps an eye out for the bottom line. His experience includes over 20 years of managing Hanford Site projects, 10 years in nuclear reactor start-up and operations, and over 5 years leading safety and health programs.

Mr. Holten has a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Wisconsin and a M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from M.I.T.

Sustainable Results

Mr. Holten developed and maintained the change control process for the majority of the Hanford cleanup mission’s billion dollar budgets for five fiscal year budget cycles. Rich was the Source Evaluation Board chairman for the selection of the $5 billion plateau remediation contract. He also directed startup of the initial Hanford cleanup program for soil and groundwater including construction of the Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility.

Mr. Holten managed the implementation of over $1.3 billion of recovery act projects that resulted in huge cleanup accomplishments at the Hanford Site such as the construction and start-up of Hanford’s 200 west pump and treat system. His early career accomplishments includes overseeing nuclear reactor construction projects such as the Fast Flux Test Facility and managing the transition of N-Reactor from operations to shut down.