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Asa Reed

Proven Experience

Asa ReedAsa Reed has over forty years of experience in management of safety analysis programs, operations, and maintenance of nuclear, hazardous material, and power generation facilities. He has extensive professional and management experience in safety and risk analysis documentation specializing in process hazard analysis techniques. This work included implementation of safety basis identified controls, readiness reviews, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, self-assessment, compliance auditing, criticality control, project management, system engineering, plant operations, and plant maintenance.

Mr. Reed provides expertise in interpretation and application of nuclear safety regulations, process hazard analysis, facility characterization, facility operations and maintenance, RCRA and CERCLA remediation, and decontamination / decommissioning of nuclear facilities. This work focused on the unmitigated hazards potentially present in the handling of nuclear materials in both process and waste handling operations in operating and legacy environments and the application of appropriate controls for the hazards. These unmitigated process hazard analyses necessitated extensive field work including walkdowns to verify as built configuration and ensure control of configuration management, This work included performing hazard and accident analysis, risk analysis, and unreviewed safety question (USQ) determinations (NRC 50.59 reviews). It also included determination of environmental qualification requirements, system design descriptions, vendor technical information packages, emergency response planning and management, and development of master equipment lists.

Mr. Reed has a Masters in Environmental Policy & Management from the University of Denver and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University.

Sustainable Results

Mr. Reed has lead and participated in development of safety basis documents for PPPL Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Savannah River Site’s tritium facility and plutonium storage facilities, Argonne National Laboratory, New Brunswick Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory nuclear operations and accelerators, nuclear explosive operations and facilities (Pantex), nuclear and non-nuclear facilities and accelerators (including critical assemblies, e.g., TA-18) at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), the Nevada Test Site and Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (RFETS).

At LANL, he worked at the LANCE facility to develop the SAD and associated ASE and safe storage documents. He has performed numerous readiness reviews, independent verification reviews, management assessments and programmatic evaluations and was a Contract Transition Team Member at the Nevada Site performing due diligence on the nuclear safety program. Additionally, he has developed and implemented professional development programs focusing on safety analyst certification. and project management skills; and developed and presented DSA and TSR development courses; and trained and mentored facility personnel to these requirements at several sites.