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GSA Contract # 47QRAA21D0087
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Nicollette Standley

Proven Experience

Nikki Standley
Nikki Standley

Ms. Nikki Standley is a result-producing professional with sustainability, environmental compliance, and oversight experience acquired at the Department of Energy Richland Operations Office (DOE-RL)and Washington River Protection Solutions. Nikki is an effective communicator with experience in operational, surveillance, assessment, and oversight reporting ensuring compliance to environmental regulations and permits.

Ms. Standley, in her current role as an Environment Regulatory Consultant, supports the Department of Energy (DOE) in regulatory permitting, tracking regulatory permitting commitments and contract deliverables, performing trending analysis, and evaluating regulatory oversight data and information.

Ms. Nikki Standley has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana.

Sustainable Results


Ms. Standley provided support to Washington River Protection Solutions. She led, coordinated, and facilitated the reporting of WRPS sustainability data to DOE Headquarters. Nikki supported additional Hanford Site Contractors by tracking energy efficiency updates in all WRPS facilities and kept open communication with environmental field personnel and design engineers to stay aware of potential projects or facilities upgrades that could qualify for incentives. She expanded awareness of Sustainable Programs outside of the Environmental Protection group by publishing and distributing monthly environmental, sustainability, and safety articles across the complex.

Ms. Standley provided support to the Department of Energy Richland Operations Office. She provided analysis and review of environmental and inspection reports and conducted environmental compliance inspection and oversight activities. Nikki provided support to Assistant Manager for Safety and Environment’s (AMSE) oversight and management of environmental permit requirements (Clean Water Act Permitting, WAC 173-216 Permitting, Large On-Site Sewer System Permitting, and RCRA Permitting. Nikki wrote operational, surveillance, assessment, oversight reports and provided inspection support to RL, ensuring compliance with respective environmental regulations and permits.