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Steve Weil

Proven Experience

Steve Weil
Steve Weil

Mr. Weil has 47 years of experience in the environmental and nuclear fields. He has held management positions at the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Department of Energy, and with various contractors supporting those agencies.

He has expert knowledge of RCRA, TSCA, CERCLA, NEPA, and implementing regulations, and the Hanford Federal Facility Compliance Agreement and Consent Order (FFACO). He also has expert knowledge of the Washington Dangerous Waste Management Act, the Model Toxics Control Act, and implementing regulations. At EPA Headquarters, he served as a Branch Chief developing RCRA and TSCA regulations, and analyzing impacts of chemical specific regulations (hazardous air pollutants, hazardous waste listings, pesticides regulations, and drinking water standards).

Mr. Weil has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, from the University of Washington, Seattle, an M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University, Corvallis and an M.B.A. from Stanford University.

Sustainable Results


As Director of the Environmental Management Division for DOE’s Richland Operations Office, Mr. Weil was responsible for obtaining and maintaining Hanford site-wide air, water, and waste permits and oversaw permit compliance activities by DOE and contractor staff. He led DOE’s interactions with Ecology on development of a new Dangerous Waste Management permit for the Hanford Site.

Mr. Weil was also responsible for managing compliance with the Hanford Federal Facility Compliance Agreement and Consent Order. He was the Fast Flux Test Facility Decommissioning Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) project manager for the contractor until it was merged into the Tank Closure and Waste Management EIS, and performed Quality Assurance activities on data development and data input for the Tank Closure and Waste Management EIS.

Mr. Weil held a series of senior management positions for Bechtel in support of DOE operations, including Manager, Environmental Technologies Department, Bechtel Environmental (about 120 environmental scientists and engineers supporting Bechtel projects worldwide), Manager, Environmental Engineering, Bechtel Hanford, Manager, Environmental Compliance, Bechtel Nevada (Compliance and permitting), and Manager, Environmental, Safety, Security and Health Department (non-field activities, Bechtel).

He has extensive experience in the nuclear waste disposal world, serving as senior environmental scientist for SAIC and Bechtel SAIC on the Yucca Mountain Project where he worked on the Yucca Mountain Environmental Impact Statement, the Yucca Mountain Site Recommendation and Comment Response document, and performed Quality Assurance reviews for Yucca Mountain documents. He wrote Delisting and Land Disposal Restriction compliance strategy documents for the Hanford Vitrification project  and a No Migration Petition for Idaho National Engineering Laboratory calcined waste destined for disposal at Yucca Mountain.

As Chief of the Land Disposal Restrictions Branch of the Office of Solid Waste, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters, he managed a multi-disciplinary staff of over 30 engineers, scientists, lawyers, and economists developing the Land Disposal Restrictions treatment standards mandated by the 1984 Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

Mr. Weil also worked for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development where he organized and lead an inter-comparison of models to predict the level of depletion of ozone due to emissions of chlorofluorocarbons.  Based on that work, he helped the United Nations Environment Program set up treaty negotiations on Stratospheric Ozone Depletion.