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Burt Hill

Proven Experience

Burt Hill
Burt Hill

Burt Hill has more than forty-five years of combined experience in the Navy Nuclear Propulsion program and the Department of Energy nuclear operations and environmental clean-up programs.

Mr. Hill started his nuclear industry experience in the Nuclear Navy supervising the operation and maintenance of Submarine Naval Reactor Plants at sea and ashore.  He was the leader of a Navsea Code 390 team that tracked and trended all mechanical and electrical systems for the West Coast Trident Submarine Fleet, saving hundreds of millions of dollars by scheduling maintenance prior to failure, and rescheduling maintenance that was not needed.  He served as the mechanical engineering interface between the Navy and Electric Boat during construction and as Engineering Officer of the Watch during initial startup of the natural circulation S8G Trident Submarine Reactor and Engine Room Prototype in up State New York.  Other duties included serving as  Lead Crew Chief and Training Coordinator during two Naval Nuclear Prototype tours, serving as refit coordinator for Submarines in both the Pacific and Atlantic and serving as crew member aboard two ballistic missile submarines and one 688 fast attack submarine.

After retiring from the Nuclear Navy, Mr. Hill joined the Department of Energy at the Richland Operations Office from April 1991 through June 2014.  In this capacity, he served as the Site Maintenance Manager and established consistent maintenance policies
commensurate with the risks for a wide range of nuclear facilities, including Hazard Category 2 and 3 nuclear facilities. Mr. Hill also
established surveillance and assessment processes to ensure the DOE prime contractors were in compliance with their contracts.

Sustainable Results


At DOE, Mr. Hill worked with DOE managers and the Defense Nuclear Facility Board to establish a Facility Representative Program for DOE-RL. This included setting the qualification standards, test questions, and final board preparations.

He served on several Operational Readiness Review (ORR) and Readiness Assessment (RA) teams over his twenty-three year career with DOE, focusing on evaluating the engineering, maintenance, lock-out/tag-out, hoisting and rigging, and performance assurance programs.  He also was responsible for assessing and evaluating the DOE prime contractor’s engineering design, construction, and start-up activities.

Mr. Hill oversaw the implementation of Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Recommendation 2000-2 “Configuration Management” including development and implementation of the Site Safety Oversight Program for the DOE Richland Operations Office.

As Chief Engineer for the Sludge Treatment Project, he assisted the Federal Project Director in the critical and key decision activities including performing a Technical Readiness Assessment (TRA), Independent Project / External Project Reviews (IPR / EIR) to ensure project readiness prior to the formal independent reviews.  He also supported the DOE Federal Project Director for the removal of the KE Reactor and identified significant engineering issues with the planned removal strategy, avoiding significant costs to the government.