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Wayne Moore

Proven Experience

Wayne Moore
Wayne Moore

Wayne Moore has more than thirty years of experience within the Nuclear Operations field performing various duties pertaining to the operation of production facilities, waste management, and stakeholder interests.  He has been the project manager overseeing complex projects from inception, through readiness, and to completion.  He has managed complex nuclear facilities such as T Plant on the Hanford site and various other facilities. He has been involved with several Readiness activities in accordance with DOE Order 425.1D, Verification of Readiness to Startup or Restart Nuclear Facilities, including at T Plant, the Central Waste Complex and Burial Grounds, and at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Mr. Moore attended Naval Nuclear Power School and has a  Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management from Ashford University.  His certifications include:  DOE Site Operations Supervisor; DOE Site Radiological Controls Manager; Registered with National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists (NRRPT); Certified Professional Manager, Institute of Certified Professional Managers.

Sustainable Results


As an operations manager at Hanford Central Waste Complex, Hanford Low Level Burial Grounds,  and T Plant, Mr. Moore oversaw all aspects of facility operations including project development, field execution, maintenance of the facility and components, budget,  assessments, audits, surveillances, customer interface, Emergency Management, waste management, start-up planning, readiness review and project execution, safety basis updates and review, and managed up to 200 direct staff, matrix support staff and union labor. 

He managed a waste retrieval project retrieving buried transuranic waste and then remediating the burial ground.  He oversaw the storage and shipment of low level waste, mixed waste, and transuranic waste.  At the Central Waste Complex, he was responsible for the receipt of Naval Reactor compartments from the United States Navy, coordinating with the U.S. Coast Guard to bring those compartments up the Columbia River and into the Burial Grounds. 

Mr. Moore has been the subject matter expert for Conduct of Operations (DOE Order 422.1) for several prime contractors as well as a contractor Nuclear Training Manager (DOE Order 426.2).

Mr. Moore has spent three years supporting the Department of Energy Operational Oversight Division performing oversight duties at the Hanford Tank Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP). The oversight role has focussed on operational performance, emergency preparedness and facility readiness.