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Bill Smoot

Proven Experience

Bill Smoot
Bill Smoot

Mr. Bill Smoot has over forty years of experience in the nuclear industry including at the Naval Reactors Shipyards, the Department of Energy Richland Operations Office and Office of River Protection, and various support contractors located at the Hanford Site where he performed radiological, quality, occupational safety and construction program direction and oversight.

Mr. Smoot has been responsible for development of radiological and quality programs in both the DOE and Contractor organizations. This includes development of oversight and acceptance activities for construction of the Spent Nuclear Fuel Project at Hanford. As Director of Quality Assurance for ORP and then Acting Assistant Manager for Environmental, Safety, Health, and Quality, Mr. Smoot developed an NQA-1 and Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management compliant Quality Assurance Program supporting oversight of the Tank Farms and Waste Management Project. As a member of the Naval Reactors Field Office at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Mr. Smoot was responsible for oversight of the shipyard’s Radiological Controls and Reactor Defueling programs.

Sustainable Results


As the Manager of Radiological Safety Standards and Requirements for the Westinghouse Hanford Company (WHC), Mr. Smoot was responsible for the development and implementation of a new Radiological Controls Program Manual that formed the basis for the DOE’s Radiological Controls Manual (RCM). He served as a team member for the development of portions of the DOE RCM. As the Manager of WHC’s Safety Compliance Assurance, ORP’s Director of Quality Assurance, and ORP’s Acting Assistant Manager for ESH&Q, Mr. Smoot has developed, implemented, and lead robust oversight programs that included reviews of both DOE and Contractor programs for Radiological Controls, Quality (NQA-1 and OCRWM), Safety and Health, Construction Safety, Conduct of Operations, and Price Anderson Amendment Act implementation and compliance.

In support of the ORP QA program, Mr. Smoot assisted with the development of DOE-EM’s Implementation Guide and Training for NQA-1 Commercial Grade Dedication. As a trainer, mentor, and oversight, Mr. Smoot has assisted multiple organizations improve their CGD program implementation.

Mr. Smoot has also functioned as a Mentor for Conduct of Operations and Radiological Controls program implementation for CH2M Hill in support of the Tank Farms and Plutonium Finishing Plant D&D activities.