The ISMSolutions Edge

Competent and Committed Service

iconISMSolutions is composed of nationally recognized engineers, scientists and regulatory attorneys who have extensive experience in the nuclear industry.

Among the ISMSolutions team members are former federal and contractor professionals with significant nuclear operational and engineering experience that now offer consulting services. This business model allows ISMSolutions to offer both superior expertise and cost savings to clients, due to low operating costs.

As federal budgets cause uncertainty, ISMSolutions is positioned to allow clients to acquire sought after services on an as-needed basis to get the job done. ISMSolutions is a woman-owned and managed small business in underrepresented industries that provides a reputable and competent team to service federal agencies and their contractors.

ISMSolutions’ team members draw upon their government and contractor experience to understand the client’s perspective and strive for solutions that are mindful of the client’s mission objectives, stakeholders and taxpayer’s dollars. They recognize that facility workers are key to achieving both safety and productivity. Their core value is assuring work is performed safely and effectively, to address remediation of the legacy from the Cold War while advancing the nuclear industry.

Experienced Leadership & Technical Expertise

ISMSolutions staff members have held executive, management and senior technical positions both in the field and at headquarters for the Atomic Energy Commission, Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, government contractors, nuclear navy and the electrical utility industry. Our engineers and scientists have managed a diverse portfolio of nuclear programs and projects spanning five decades at the strategic, policy, development and implementation levels.

Our staff has managed programs and projects such as nuclear weapons production, nuclear operations, nuclear fuel fabrication, environmental clean-up, radioactive and hazardous waste management, deactivating / decontaminating / decommissioning / demolishing facilities (D4), waste processing and disposal, groundwater clean-up and overhaul, refueling / defueling, maintenance and testing of naval reactors. The staff has developed licensing strategies for nuclear reactors, fuel reprocessing facilities, DOE Hazard Category 2 and 3 nuclear facilities, radiological / hazardous facilities and environmental clean-up sites, as well as providing independent organizational functional assessments.

The solution of diverse technical issues has been key to each of these efforts. This experience provides a unique blend of expertise for all aspects of safe, predictable and sustainable execution of nuclear operations and projects.