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ISMSolutions Quality Assurance Program

Independent Strategic Management Solutions’ quality assurance approach is based on our Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) that is compliant with the requirements of ASME NQA-1, ISO 9000, 10 CFR 830, Nuclear Safety Management, Subpart A, Quality Assurance, and the U.S. Department of Energy Order 414.1C, Quality Assurance. The QAP describes ISMSolutions’ quality policies and principles for services affecting quality and safety and ensures performance of individual task orders in accordance with schedule, cost, and technical requirements, emphasizing the following:

  • Early detection and resolution of risks, issues, and problems;
  • Internal and independent external audits;
  • Adherence to established performance processes and standards;
  • Achievement of a defined level of product and service quality; and
  • Continuous process improvement and implementation of lessons learned.

Our approach to quality begins with ensuring that all contract personnel are trained in quality assurance requirements. We build quality into our processes, obtaining the active participation and support of all individuals working on the contract.

For service-type contracts, the Quality Manager (QM) or designated project point of contact (e.g., Project Manager) is responsible for indoctrinating ISMSolutions employees on the client’s Statement of Work (SOW) and providing any referenced documents required to accomplish the work. In order to ensure there is a clear understanding of tasks and deliverables, before commencing work, the QM or Project Manager (PM) will ensure that he and the client have a common and clear understanding of each task and the scope, structure, and content of each deliverable. The QM or PM will also ensure that ISMSolutions employees are cognizant of special reporting requirements and any special conditions of the SOW (e.g., reporting requirements, reporting of time and attendance, client safety indoctrination and training that must be taken prior to work, security access requirements, etc.).

The PM will conduct regular project meetings to assess status, make assignments, and resolve issues. These meetings will enable ISMSolutions to ensure we are meeting the client’s needs, and identifying potentially evolving risks of the project. The PM will monitor each project/task assigned to ensure we maintain proper control of cost, quality, schedule, and performance. Prior to sending deliverables to the client’s Contracting Officer or Technical Monitor, all deliverables will be checked by a technical expert on our staff and subject to review by the PM.

Additionally, employees of ISMSolutions are expected to understand and follow the client’s SOW and contractual requirements. ISMSolutions employees are required to report any changes in scope or other issues that could affect the timing, cost, or work products to the client’s contract point of contact and to the ISMSolutions President and/or project point of contact.

It is the policy of ISMSolutions to establish quality requirements to ensure that risks and environmental impacts are minimized and that safety, reliability, and performance are maximized through the application of effective management systems commensurate with the risk posed by the facility, ship, or activity.