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Barry Burrow

Proven Experience

Barry BurrowBarry Burrow has more than forty years of executive, management, and hands-on experience with nuclear and conventional engineering systems, nuclear facility operations and readiness activities, and nuclear facility technical support with expertise in leadership, operations, nuclear safety, engineering, training and readiness.
Over a period of 14 years at the Hanford Waste Stabilization and Disposition Project, Mr. Burrow served variously as Director of Operations, Director of Technical Support, Director of Engineering & Nuclear Safety, and Director Operations / T Plant Facility Manager. He was responsible for as many as thirteen facilities within the Project, including seven Non Reactor Hazard Category 2 facilities, with oversight of waste repackaging and processing activities, contaminated and industrial liquid waste processing facilities, nuclear and environmental laboratories, low level and mixed waste burial grounds, treatment and storage facilities, transuranic waste retrieval and repackaging activities, and safety basis documentation. He previously served as Commander of Destroyer Squadron Nine in the U.S. Navy, as Director of the Chief of Naval Operations Ship Material Readiness Training Program, and as Commanding Officer of the USS California (CGN-36) and the USS Towers (DDG-9).

Mr. Burrow holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics from the United States Naval Academy and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the United States Naval Postgraduate School.

Sustainable Results

While serving in the capacity as Director, Waste Stabilization and Disposition (WSD) Project, Hanford, Mr. Burrow met all Department of Energy (Richland) (DOE-RL) Performance Goals on or ahead of schedule, frequently receiving an overall annual Project rating of “excellent” from DOE-RL. As Facility Manager of the T Plant Facility, he completed two successful Operational Readiness Reviews and a Readiness Assessment within a twelve-month period and wit no Pre-Start Findings.

K Basin Sludge

K Basin Sludge

Mr. Burrow has conducted Readiness Assessments and Operational Readiness Reviews for both government and contractor entities for a variety of activities including transition from Nuclear Hazard Category 3 to 2 facility, receipt and storage of radioactive sludge, treatment and movement of aged spent nuclear fuel, and readiness and operations assessments of all Pacific Fleet nuclear propulsion surface ships.

Throughout his career, Mr. Burrow’s emphasis has been on leadership, training, and team building. In this capacity, he has implemented and supervised training and qualification programs for civilian and military personnel, significantly improving worker performance and organization conduct of operations. He is viewed by supervisors, peers and subordinates as a motivational leader with a positive impact on group productivity, attitude, and morale.