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Jerry Long

Proven Experience

Jerry Long
Jerry Long

Jerry Long brings over thirty-four years of relevant experience in directing complex nuclear operations, waste management, nuclear systems maintenance and repair and environmental remediation, gained over a wide variety of challenging scientific and technical assignments. Following his 20-year career in the U.S. Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program, Mr. Long transitioned his skills to the safe and efficient operation and management of federal nuclear facilities. His proven leadership experience includes executive management and direction of successful operations at Hanford and Rocky Flats for CH2M Hill.

Mr. Long has held progressively difficult management and leadership positions including Chief Operating Officer at Hanford tank farms, Vice President of Plutonium Finishing Plant, and Vice President of Nuclear Operations for CH2M Hill Corporate. He is a recognized expert at conduct of operations, quality assurance, welding and non-destructive testing, reactor and steam plant cleanliness, waste management, maintenance and work control, readiness reviews and start up and testing of nuclear and non-nuclear systems.

Mr. Long holds or has held multiple operational qualifications for nuclear work up to and including site emergency director and incident commander as well as Engineering Officer of the Watch and Joint Test Group/Joint Reactor Fueling Group. Over the course of his multiple assignments, he has managed up to 1,150 people and $280 million in annual budgets on projects with contract values of $7 billion.

Mr. Long holds a B.S. in Electronics and Engineering from Excelsior College.

Sustainable Results


At the Hanford Tank Farm project, Mr. Long directed actions to address degraded material conditions of an aging tank farm system and infrastructure. This effort included facility upgrades using new process control systems, improved integration of plant outages and forward looking maintenance planning to improve the performance of the plant systems important to safety and mission execution. This was instrumental in achieving the highest operational tempo for waste transfer operations with minimal interruptions.
Mr. Long was selected by the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of CH2M HILL to bolster safety and performance issues at the project following a major tank waste spill. He successfully directed the multiple event assessments and corrective action plan development ensuring that ES&H requirements were integrated throughout. He personally worked with local and headquarters DOE personnel to gain plan approval and directed the activity execution. These actions resulted in maximum mitigation of penalties from the client and regulators and were instrumental in allowing tank retrieval operations to resume.

At Rocky Flats, Mr. Long was responsible for packaging, characterizing, and shipping over 5,900 m3 of TRU, over 327,000 m3 of LLW/MLLW, and over 342,000 tons of hazardous and industrial waste in 16 months. One of his strengths is his ability to connect with the workforce. He trains with them, walks the floor, and promotes worker involvement in all aspects of work planning and execution.

Mr. Long was personally recognized by the Chief Engineer of the Army, Lt. Gen Carl A. Strock, for his innovative solution to use the lift liner packaging system to fix the levee breeches in the wake of hurricane Katrina.