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George Pannell

Proven Experience

George Pannell
George Pannell

George Pannell has over fifty years of experience in the Nuclear Field, Plant Operations, Instrumental & Controls Systems (I&C) Design and Maintenance, Electrical Systems Design and Maintenance, Utility Management Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Licensing Interface, Department of Energy (DOE) Licensing Support and Nuclear Event Emergency Management. He is a hands-on nuclear professional with expertise resolving problems requiring engineering and operations experience. His key strength is his comprehension of total project operations and the ability to effectively manage staff and personnel. Mr. Pannell is well regarded for his understanding of Licensing Management, Concept, Planning, Design, Testing, Engineering, Production, Operations, Quality Assurance, Nuclear Safety Oversight, Emergency Management, and Emergency Preparedness.

Mr. Pannell graduated with honors from the U.S. Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program and has an Associate’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Technology from Penn State University.

Sustainable Results


Mr. Pannell performed Research & Development the Oak Ridge National Laboratory to develop new commercial Nuclear Reactor Water Level Instrument technology. After extensive performance testing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the new level measurement technology was approved by the NRC and was then installed in the 2 Nuclear Units.

He served as the manager of the Electrical, I&C, Fire Protection technical design disciplines for the North Anna & Surry Nuclear Stations and served as engineering interface to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). He resolved several key design and operational issues with NRC. He supervised the first of a kind Control Room Human Factors Design Upgrade on an existing nuclear plant control room North Anna Unit 2 . This change was the first nuclear plant to get NRC approval of Human Factors Control Room design change upgrades following the TMI Accident.

Mr. Pannell chaired a Nuclear Industry initiative, the Westinghouse Reactor Owners Group Subcommittee, Trip Reduction and Assessment Program. A nationwide computer network was developed for centralized collection of reactor trip data that was then used for the determination of reactor trip root causes. Aggressive program implementation was effective in reducing the nuclear reactor trip rate nationwide by a factor of 4 in just 3 years (>7 reactor trips/unit/yr. to <2). The success of the Westinghouse program resulted in other reactor owner’s participation (GE,CE, B&W).

Mr. Pannell was the Virginia Power Corporate Emergency Response Team Technical Manager. He was involved in managing two significant reactor events, Surry Nuclear Station Unit 2 Pipe Rupture and North Anna Nuclear Station Steam Generator Tube Rupture (600 Gallon Per Minute Primary System Leakage).

Mr. Pannell served the lead for the Nuclear Utility Industry collective effort (22 utilities) to qualify Rosemount and Foxboro process transmitters to post accident reactor containment conditions, the testing was done at the Wyle Laboratory in Huntsville, AL. The program was successful thereby resolving another key post TMI EQ issue.