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Dave Hicks

Proven Experience


David Alan HicksDave Hicks’ 30+ years in the nuclear industry began as a nuclear reactor operator on an operational, fast attack submarine. He also worked as a Shift Test Engineer at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard before joining the Department of Energy at Rocky Flats in 1990. Mr. Hicks performed numerous assignments for the DOE including routine operational oversight as a Facility Representative; Nuclear Materials Program Manager; Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) Stabilization, Packaging, and Shipping Project Leader; and Waste Programs Manager. Subsequent to the Rocky Flats closure Mr. Hicks assisted HQ nuclear materials and waste programs at several EM sites.

Sustainable Results

iconMr. Hicks is recognized for his ability to keep complex projects focused on measurable results. He was part of the Rocky Flats team focused on resumption of plutonium stabilization efforts in Building 707 at Rocky Flats. As Nuclear Materials Manager he coordinated a technical exchange with representatives of the Russian Federation to support US/Russian Non-Proliferation efforts. He hosted the first International Atomic Energy Agency plutonium inspection at Rocky Flats. As the Cook Case Project Manager he led the effort to sanitize (de-classify) millions of pages of classified documents in response to a contempt-of-court order. As the DOE Title X Program Manager he saved the government millions of dollars in reimbursement costs for uranium mill site cleanup. He has led numerous audits and assessments focused on evaluating performance and identifying opportunities for improvements in safety, efficiency, and formality of operations.