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GSA Contract # 47QRAA21D0087
SIN # 541620, 541690, 541330ENG, 541330EMI, 562910RMI

Herbert S. Berman

Proven Experience

Herb BermanMr. Berman brings more than forty-two years of experience in the management, supervision and performance of nuclear/radiological work, clean-up of radiological waste, and the establishment of appropriate safety basis, conduct of operations and engineering controls in a working plant environment. Along with his distinguished career in Chief Engineer positions at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, the DOE Rocky Flats Plant, the DOE Pantex Plant and the DOE Hanford Tank Farms, he is recognized for “turning around” the performance of engineering and operations organizations, with integrated safety management approaches to embedding safety planning and controls into hazardous work activities.

Mr. Berman has a comprehensive understanding of the engineering, operational, environmental and safety requirements and practices in the DOE weapons complex and the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program. He has been an invited speaker at international nuclear safety forums, where he has addressed the challenges involved in integrating safety planning into nuclear work planning. He also has run corporate workshops for creating and maintaining a world-class safety culture, for both nuclear and non-nuclear industries (e.g., Petrochemical).

Mr. Berman has a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering. He has an inactive Q-Clearance.

Sustainable Results

Mr. Berman has demonstrated performance in managing and directing the institutional and cultural changes necessary to transform previously troubled organizations into fully functional, standards-based entities, with responsibility and accountability vested in an integrated safety management structure for safe, seamless and efficient operations. This involved directing numerous investigations of process chemistry, engineering or operations-related problems with nuclear and other hazardous materials, radiological waste handling and storage, and industrial and nuclear facilities, and operations safety bases. He also possesses a proven track record of managerial and program management accomplishments, successfully directing successively larger, more complex organizations and projects. In addition, he has significant experience and background in metallurgy and materials failure analyses.