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Dan Geary

Proven Experience

Dan Geary
Dan Geary

Mr. Daniel Geary is a Nuclear Safety Engineer with over seven years of experience gained from working within the Department of Energy’s Hanford site and commercial nuclear operations. Daniel has experience with the development and maintenance of DOE-STD-3009-94 and -2014 DSA and TSR, accident analysis using DOE-STD-5506 methodology, hazard analysis, and facility hazard categorization. Daniel has expertise with the Unreviewed Safety Question process.

Mr. Geary, in his current role as a Nuclear Safety Analyst, supports the Department of Energy safety basis review team for the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP). Daniel has provided review and approval support for safety basis documents for the Low Activity Waste facility, along with the development of the WTP Unreviewed Safety Question process and accompanying Out-of-Scope Documents and Facilities report. Mr. Geary has also been actively involved in assessments of the Chemical Safety Management Program.

Mr. Daniel Geary has a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering with a minor in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University.

Sustainable Results


Mr. Geary provided support for CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation Company. He authored an Evaluation of Safety of the Situation for Solid Waste Operations Complex (SWOC). Daniel codeveloped the initial draft of the DOE-STD-3009-2014 Safety Basis for Waste Handling Facilities, authored Accident Analysis documentation for T Plant Safety Basis, and was the Technical Authority and Software Subject Matter Expert for SWOC Compliance Matrix. Mr. Geary was also a primary point of contact for Unreviewed Safety Question evaluations.

Mr. Geary supported Xron Associates, Inc., preparing a draft version of the WTP Commissioning & Operations (C&O) Quality Assurance Program Implementation Plan and the draft version of the WTP C&O Quality Assurance Manual. He developed lines-of-inquiry responses for the WTP Nuclear Safety and Quality Culture Checklist and the WTP Integrated Safety Management System Phase I Checklist.